CNA/NNOC/NNU Convention

CNA/NNOC Convention was held at the San Francisco Marquis Marriott for the 100,000 member strong union and association of Registered Nurses in September of 2017. These nurses are the real deal and today at the frontline of standing up for what is right and just in American society. Delegates deliberated over healthcare rights, patient advocacy, environmental justice, immigration rights and collective bargaining rights. Guests and speakers of this convention included California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders, Van Jones, and Nina Turner. Check it out! 

Citus Data headshots

Heckuva time hanging out and getting to know this extremely eclectic and warm crew as I took their portraits in the cute nook of South Park in San Francisco. Check it out!

Pager Duty launch party

Event photos from a Pager Duty product launch party at San Francisco's 620 Jones.

Sweet D's Sweet 60

Sweet D's celebration of her birth with friends and family at San Francisco's City Hall. 

Mobile Growth Summit 2016