Ted & his '64 Ford Galaxie

Ted moved from Boston to San Francisco in the 1960s. He worked for major airline companies and got his beautiful 1964 Ford Galaxie from a no compete contract from those early days. He's a trip, charismatic, jocular and smooth. Thinking about him navigating the "Mad Men" style corporate world of that time brings a smile to my face. Minus the workplace misogyny, of course. He rubbed shoulders with the high society of that time, with hip jazz cats like Cal Tjader and dinners with Ted Turner from sailing connections. Another perk of his job was that he could fly anywhere in the world with company for free. As I gather, he would always have a woman in tow and his favorite getaway was down in Brazil.  And ladies, watch out, he's still got his mojo, with a radar like I've never seen that will engage his irresistible flirtation your way without fail if he catches you in his sights.