PCMA: BAMIES Awards Gala 2018

Event photography of PCMA’s Bay Area Meeting Industry Excellence Awards Gala, celebrating leaders in the hospitality industry at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel.

Aubree & Jason | San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

Come for this cute couple’s elopement in San Francisco City Hall, stay for their kisses, dance moves and moped.

Colorbloq Launch Party

Colorbloq is a new creative event space in an old industrial building in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Vendors from Bi-Rite Market-to-Victory Hall & Parlor-to-Say Ya! Photobooth highlighted their products and services to other vendors and event planners as they moved, grooved, boozed, schmoozed and ate food at this jamming launch party.

Zahara, Farouk and baby to be

San Francisco’s Botanical Gardens is a beautiful place that offers a plethora of little ecosystems of nature to engage in and explore. Adding the special love of Zahara and Farouk and the new life soon to come into this environment, with it’s bamboo forests, redwoods and palm trees, and you just get plain ol’ awesomeness.

Leroy Jones: A Man and His Trumpet film screening

What a treat to photograph the festivities surrounding the film screening of ‘A Man and His Trumpet’, a documentary about one of the best trumpeter’s to ever come out of New Orleans, Leroy Jones. Filmmaker and musician Cameron Washington presented his film in the Western Addition. After the showing, over a dozen brass band musicians coalesced outside the venue and did a musical procession through the city streets to the party site in Hayes Valley. It was lovely to witness a piece of New Orleans culture on the streets of San Francisco. Numerous San Franciscans came out of their homes to see what the commotion was about and many passerby organically joined in on the parade; of course they all had smiles on.

Leroy Jones was the leader of the Fairview Baptist Church Marching Band, which eventually turned into the Hurricane Brass Band, which was extremely influential to later generation New Orleans brass bands, including the Rebirth Brass Band. Through the documentary I found out that he opened and played with Harry Connick, Jr. for many years, which for me was amazing, since as an extremely little shit Connick’s album ‘Blue Light, Red Light’ was the first jazz album I ever had and listened to constantly. Leroy was lead Trumpet on that album, and can still hear those powerful, yet smooth musical phrases he blessed us with in my mind. Thought it too dorky to mention when I had the opportunity to chat with him, but talked to him about how my first Second Line had me smiling and crying at the same time, and he expressed that he was happy that I got to experience that. On a later convo with him and Cameron, Leroy thought the party seemed like a Spike Lee film, but I added I thought it was more like a David Lynch film, but positive and upbeat. We had a good laugh. There were a lot of colorful and eclectic characters at this party ya’ll!

Leroy plays all over the world, and you can find him playing in New Orleans at many different venues, including regularly with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at Preservation Hall. He is the coolest and sweetest. Check this national treasure out!!

Michelle, Justin & the baby

Had a lot of fun with this super cute family in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Enjoy!

CNA/NNOC/NNU Convention 2017

CNA/NNOC Convention was held at the San Francisco Marquis Marriott for the 100,000 member strong union and association of Registered Nurses in September of 2017. These nurses are the real deal and today at the frontline of standing up for what is right and just in American society. Delegates deliberated over healthcare rights, patient advocacy, environmental justice, immigration rights and collective bargaining rights. Guests and speakers of this convention included California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders, Van Jones, and Nina Turner. Check it out! 

Citus Data headshots

Heckuva time hanging out and getting to know this extremely eclectic and warm crew as I took their portraits in the cute nook of South Park in San Francisco. Check it out!

Pager Duty launch party

Event photos from a Pager Duty product launch party at San Francisco's 620 Jones.