BREAKBEATBILLY - Willy Johnson - photographer

How's it going folks? I'm Willy the photographer. I live in the Richmond District of San Francisco and is truly a magical neighborhood that is bubbling with life. The world and all of its dimensions are beautiful and perpetually fill me with a sense of wonder. Hello world. I live to photograph this world of ours, and I love sharing my unique way I see reality for others through my photos. Outside of photography, the other constant in my life is music. Music is truly a beautiful thing - and no offense to my main artistic pursuit - it is humanity’s most beautiful form of expression. It fills the soul and is a never ending dimension in which to explore. I also get joy and balance in life when I am outdoors in nature, and I make sure to go camping and backpacking as much as possible throughout the year. Mother Earth has got it going on and there is really nothing better than waking up to the sound of birds and insects to get energized about the world around you. You can also find me juiced up about politics and public policy, and active in my community.

I have been in business since 2010, but after finishing a Masters Degree in Public Administration in 2014, I decided to take my photography work full time.

I would absolutely love to speak with you about documenting whatever event, portrait, or project that you have cooking up.